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Do you or a loved one require gardening services in Aberdeen? Our gardens are a great place to relax and enjoy the outdoors in peace and security. Many of us put a lot of effort into our gardens to keep them looking tidy and in top condition, but what happens if you or your loved one becomes less able to take care of gardening tasks?

Our gardening services in Aberdeen and grass cutting in Aberdeen make it possible for you or your loved ones to make the most out of their peaceful space without the physical strain.
Grass Cutting Aberdeen

Grass Cutting In Aberdeen 

For lawns and areas of grass regular grass cutting may be necessary – a task that becomes more difficult if mobility is impaired. Some less able or older people may find it difficult to use bulky equipment like lawn mowers, which is why we offer our crass cutting service.

Fraser Elite’s team of Aberdeen gardeners can assist you with regular grass cutting in Aberdeen. The layout and features of your garden will determine what kind of maintenance it needs. Your home-helper can perform regular grass cutting, ensuring that your front and back lawns remain tidy.

Some less mobile people struggle to kneel or bend down, making it hard to remove weeds or tidy up areas close to the ground.

Our tailored help with garden maintenance means that you can direct your home-helper to problem areas as little or often as is required. You are in control at all times while we do the hard work for you.

Grass Cutting Aberdeen

taking the strain out of gardening

Hedges and large plants can become wild and untidy in the summer months, needing regular trimming to stay looking neat.

Some less able people struggle to lift their arms enough to reach higher areas. Our garden maintenance services makes it possible for less able people to maintain a pleasant outdoor space without putting strain on themselves.

At Fraser Elite we don’t limit our services to traditional home help – we go above and beyond to help less able people stay on top of their home and garden. Our multi-talented Aberdeen gardeners offer help with garden maintenance to help relieve the strain of gardening tasks, ensuring you or your loved one’s garden remains a pleasant and tidy retreat.

Our flexible gardening services IN ABERDEEN

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Our friendly team of Aberdeen gardeners offer garden maintenance and grass cutting in Aberdeen, helping take the strain out of maintaining your outdoor space. There is no need to worry about providing the materials or equipment such as lawn mowers – our team will come prepared with the tools to get the job done.


If you have any specific preferences for the type of gardening service you would like, do not hesitate to get in touch. We are more than happy to hear from you and accommodate your needs.

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Gardening Services In Aberdeen

At Fraser Elite our services are always flexible, and we will endeavour to meet you or your loved one’s garden maintenance needs wherever possible.

 Whether you require regular grass cutting, weeding and hedge trimming services or just need a hand with keeping plants watered, our Aberdeen gardeners will work with you to ensure your garden remains neat and tidy.

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Your home-helper will ask whether there are any priorities or specific gardening tasks you would like them to take care of during their visit. Schedules are completely flexible and you are under control at all times to direct help wherever you require it.

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