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For many less able and older people, their pets offer a vital source of companionship. Pets have been known to promote mental wellbeing and enhance independent living and mobility. That’s why Fraser Elite offers pet care services in Aberdeen to enable those less able to live with their pets in their own home.
We believe that less able people should be able to take care of their pets even if they are challenged by reduced mobility.
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help with dogs in aberdeen

Dogs, in particular, can be affected when their owner struggles to exercise them effectively.

As part of our pet services, we offer dog walking in Aberdeen and the surrounding areas. We can take your dog for walks as often as they may need, or offer support to a less able person to walk their dog safely. Our multi-talented home helpers can feed, groom and play with pets in order to keep them active, healthy and happy.

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Help with cats in Aberdeen

Cats can make excellent companions and typically require less maintenance than dogs.

However, cats do still need care and attention that a less able person may struggle to provide. Why not let Lighthouse pop in to check up on you or your less able loved one’s pet – we can feed, groom, play with and even change litter and toileting equipment.

Our Flexible pet care services include:
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  • Dog Walking
  • Pet Grooming
  • Pet Feeding
  • Litter Changes
  • Shopping for your Pet
  • Playtime and socialising

If you are looking for something which is not on the list above, we’re happy to answer all your questions:

01358 511453

Highland home carers

Totally flexible pet care In Aberdeen

The Fraser Elite team will always endeavour to meet your individual needs and requirements, whether this involves pet care for a cat, dog, or something else.

 Fraser Elite’s pet care services are totally flexible. We can respond to your needs no matter how changeable – for example, if you are taken unwell and need someone to look after your pets while in hospital.

01358 511453

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Your home-helper will ask whether there are any priorities or specific tasks you would like them to take care of during their pet-help visit. Schedules are completely flexible and you are under control at all times to direct the kinds of services and their frequency.

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