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The type of services which the Company provides, in various settings from registered care homes to support in a person’s own home or community locations, requires the gathering, recording, use, sharing and storage of confidential information for a range of purposes e.g. to assess needs and risks, to develop person centred care plans, to review progress and to record delivery of support.

The people who use our services will entrust us with, (or allow us to gather), sensitive and personal information relating to their social care needs. In some cases, they may lack the competence to extend this trust, but this does not diminish the duty of confidence for all staff to ensure that all personal information is protected under the legal and ethical obligations of confidentiality and data protection.

It is of paramount importance that all our staff know how to gather, record, use, share and store information in accordance with legal and professional obligations, and that they understand the right of the people who use our services, to have their confidentiality protected.

Our policy sets out our commitment to create, keep and manage records. This includes:- Confidentiality of Information, Data Protection, Record Keeping and Retention (including security, storage and disposal).

The purpose of our policy is to:- Establish clear guidelines for staff to ensure that confidentiality is maintained; Provide guidance on establishing a balance between maintaining confidentiality and ensuring that information is shared where appropriate; Ensure that we comply with the range of legal, ethical and professional obligations that limit, prohibit or set conditions in respect of the management, use and disclosure of information (including the Data Protection Act 1998 (DPA) and the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

The aim of our policy is to ensure that a systematic and planned approach to the management of information and records, from the point at which information is gathered and a record is created, through to its disposal, is understood and implemented throughout our Company.

Our Policy is in full compliance with all Current Legislation and Care Inspectorate Standards.

Further detail and a copy of our full Records and Information Management Policy can be obtained by applying to Fraser EliteLtd on email address:

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